Tikkun Hamiddos; Parnassa (Tuesday Night 5761)

This series of shiurim was given on Tuesday nights in Y.U. in 5761.

See the table below the player for details about the shiurim in this series.

1Internalizing Torah, Lo Sachmod, Methodology for Tikkun HamiddosTo act, think, and feel as a ben Torah at all times, the basic emunos v’dei’os of Torah have to be internalized. This schmooze illustrates this point using lo sachmod, and outlines a 3 step methodology for internalization.Feb. 13, 2001
2Case Studies: Anger, Laziness1) Applying the 3 step process to anger and laziness.  2) middos can be compartmentalized to only affect one part of our lives  3) using religion to escape problemsFeb. 20, 2001
3Case Studies: Ga’ava, SadnessWhy ga’ava is heretical and why it must be given priority among traits to correct. How accurately calibrated trust in Hashem eliminates sadness.Feb. 27, 2001
4Case Studies: Chessed, Kibud Av V’eimChessed: how to move past self-centeredness via a proper understanding of our dependence on HKB”H. Kibud Av V’eim: seeing HKB”H’s chessed reflected in all that our parents do for us. The value of the gift of life.Mar. 13, 2001
5Parnasa, Part 1: Two-Fold ObligationWhat should the attitude of a ben Torah be towards earning a livelihood? The two-fold obligation to make hishtadlus for parnasa. The spiritual challenges one faces when making hishtadlus to earn a living.Mar. 20, 2001
6Parnasa, Part 2: Serving Hashem 24×7One who is healthily ambitious in his Avodas Hashem is suspicious of anything that seems to drag him away from the exclusive preoccupation with Torah, so how can it be that we have a mitzvah to earn a living? However, if one fulfills Kol Ma’asecha Yihiyu L’shem Shomayim, one can serve Hashem 24×7 while eating, sleeping, earning a living, etc.Mar. 27, 2001