Tuesday Night 5762

This series of shiurim was given on Tuesday nights in Y.U. in 5762.

See the table below the player for details about the shiurim in this series.

1Bitachon; Dependence Exclusively on Hashem. Comments on 9/11.We should strive to recognize and feel our exclusive dependence on Hashem as much as possible. How this expresses itself in berachos and various other sources. Comments on Rav Aharon Solovetichik. Comments on 9/11.
2The Centrality of Tefillah in General in Avodas Hashem, and Specifically Creating a Personal Connection with Hashem.Yitzchok was the first second generation Jew, i.e. the first challenged to create his own personal connection with Hashem even though he was raised “frum”. Yitzchok’s association with tefillah, and the role tefillah plays in creating a personal connection with Hashem.
3Developing and Awareness of Our Dependence on Hashem Through TefillahKabbolas Ol Malchus Shomayim, the bakasha aspect of tefillah, and their combination. The relationship between tefillah and talmud Torah.
4Renewal In & Through Avodas HashemChanukah as a Yom Tov of Hischadshus. That which exists above time, i.e. Hashem and serving Him, is by definition never old. Kol ma’asecha yihiyu l’shem Shomayim introduces that hischadchus into all aspects of life.
5Pikuach Nefesh and its Implications on How We View OthersThe dinim of pikuach nefesh demonstrate the kedushas hachaim, which come from the fact that we are created b’tselem Elokim. One can never treat another person as a means or object. One’s bein adam lachaveiro is a reflection of one’s bein adam laMakom.