Belief & Behavior, the Philosophy of Halacha (Tuesday Night, 5759)

This series of shiurim was given on Tuesday nights in Y.U. in 5759.

See the table below the player for details about the shiurim in this series.

1Philosophy of HalachaA World view is embedded within halacha; basic ideas & concepts are embedded within mitzvos. The distinction between creed and deed is artificial – dos and don’ts already embody basic ideas. Examples from Lo tachmod, Shivisi Hashem l’negdi tamid & b’chol derachecha da’eihu, and Shema & kabbolas ol malchus Shomayim.
2Philosophy of Halacha, ContinuedMore examples from: the wording of berachos in general, the beracha of asher yotzar, the obligation to say 100 berachos each day, the berachos of Krias Shema
3How Beliefs Dictate Our ReactionsWhat we truly believe impacts how we react to, and experience, things. What we think is uncontrollable emotion is, in fact, generated by our beliefs and attitudes. Internalizing correct beliefs changes how one reacts. Examples from aveilus, anger, and desire.