The Inner Life of an Oveid Hashem (5758)

This series of shiurim was initiated by S.O.Y. and given on Tuesday nights in Y.U. in 5758. It was the first year that Rav Twersky gave a series of nighttime shiurim for the entire yeshiva.

See the table below the player for details about the shiurim in this series.

1Tznius: Awareness of HKB”H, Cherishing MitzvosIntroduction to this series, including defining what “haskafa” is. Defining tznius – an awareness of HKB”H and cherishing mitzvos,which lead to modesty and going lifnim mishuras hadin 
2Simcha: It’s Definition, the Path to Achieving ItWhy is simcha so critical to avodas Hashem? What is genuine simcha? How do we achieve simcha?
3Kol Ma’asecha Yihiyu L’shem ShoamyimThe all-encompassing nature of avodas Hashem, regardless of one’s abilities and career track. A look at how to practically go about serving HKB”H 24×7.
4Yiras Hashem & Ahavas HashemThe order in which one achieves levels of yiras Hashem and ahavas Hashem. Awareness of mortality as a motivator.
5Acquiring Yirah by Avoiding Hesech Ha’da’asA Look at the central/critical point we must focus on to grow: avoiding hesech ha’da’as, i.e. being aware of HKB”H at all times.
6Hashgacha Pratis, PurimWhat is our belief of hashgacha pratis, and what are the practical implications and applications of it? Hashgacha as a leitmotif of Pruim.
7Emunah, Esteeming Mitzvos, Purim.What is emunah, and what it requires of us in our attitude towards Torah, Chazal, and personal and national events. Emunah and Purim.
8Yaakov Avinu: Shalem G’gufo, B’mamono, B’Toraso Physical and financial aspects of life as a support system for avodas Hashem.