Chovos Halevavos, 5753-5754

This series includes 9 shiurim on Chovoas Halevavos, and an additional 5 on other topics. You can:

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Track #Primary SourceTitleDescriptionTags
1Shaar Habechina, Perek 1Have to Look for Hashem to See HimDiscussion of the need to look for Hashem in order to see Him. The role of freedom of choice (Bechira Chofshis) in our perception of reality.perception, truth, “freedom of choice”, “Bechira Chofshis”, search
2Shaar Habechina, Perek 1, PesichaDoing Mitzvos by Rote Doesn’t Reveal HKBHThe role that being surrounded by Hashem’s presence and kindness from birth plays in our not seeing Him. The manner in which we should go about our observance of mitzvos to come closer to Him.observance, rote, routine
3Shaar Habechina, Perek 2Seeing HKBH in NatureWe are obligated to discern chochmos Hashem in the world. The relationship between Torah and “natural law”nature, morality
4Shaar Habechina, Perek 3,4,51) Our Attitude Towards Chochma. 2) Taking Things for GrantedThe obligation to study science, and how to approach its study. What is considered worthy of study. Hashgacha pratis. Instinct. science, wisdom, providence, instinct.
5Shaar Habechina, Perek 4-5Seeing HKBH’s Wisdom in our physical, psychological, and spiritual makeupMan as a microcosm. The Torah’s optimistic view of man. Our instinctive sense of what we need to do address our spiritual needs.microcosm, optimism
6Shaar Avodas ElokimServing out of Obligation & Shelo Lishma is a Starting PointThe context of Shaar Avodas Elokim is someone towards the beginning of his journey of growth in avodas Hashem, which starts out driven by a sense of indebtedness to Hashem and progressively grows.obligation, yirah, ahava, self-interest
7Shaar Avodas ElokimA Pleasant Outlook on LifeThe right focus as a path to happiness. Our vulnerability serves as a needed reminder of Hashem.happiness, focus, vulnerable,grateful
8Shaar Avodas Elokim, Perek 2-31) Seeing Torah as a Burden 2) Yiras haOnesh vs. Yiras Harome’musUnderstanding why one may find Torah to be a burden, and the path to growing beyond that. The infinite growth possible via a maximilis approach to serving Hashem.burden, rehab, fear, awe, opportunity, obligation
9Shaar Avodas Elokim, Perek 41) Reward is a Chessed 2) Esteeming Mitzvos 3) Torah is All-EncompassingHashem owes us nothing, not even reward. One must have a correct and productive attitude towards mitzvos. Calibrating our entire life to serve Hashem properly.reward, attitude
10, Appendix 01Toveil v’sheretz byadoTeshuva Means Having More Yiras Shomayim Throughout Our Livesteshuva, yirah, yiras shomayim, consistency
11, Appendix 02Teshuva on Yom Kippur. Making ourselves worthy of being lifnei Hashem.
Leaving Y”K different than we came in to it.
12, Appendix 03Pesachim 2b: “Muvtach ani bozeh”Internalizing Torah. Lashon Naki.
13, Appendix 04No Such Thing as CoincidencesY”K which falls out on Shabbos – yesod of Ohr Sameach about it being a new kedushas hayom; Theme: there are no coincidences. Everything that happens is bashert, everything in life is an opportunity for Avodas hasem.
14, Appendix 04Ta’anis 21aRav Yochana & Ilfa (Ta’anis 21a): We See/Hear HKB”H to the Extent that We Are Looking for HimRav Yochanan was sensitive/uncomfortable, thus he heard it. Torah doesn’t give us background about Avraham Avinu, but actually it does – he was the one who heard “lech lecha”, leave the artzius/materialism behind. Torah doesn’t overtake you – you have to be looking for it and then you will see it. B’middah she’adam mo’deid, modedin lo.