Thursday Night, 5763

These shiurim were given in February, 2003 (5763), on Thursday nights in Y.U.

See the table below the player for details about the shiurim in this series.

1Moderation and KedushaWe are supposed to follow the middle path, which means being neither ascetic nor indulgent, but rather doing that which we need to be healthy and robust both physically and emotionally. When we go past what is needed, at a certain point we cross into leading a pampered and materialistic lifestyle, which in turn develops such a personality as well. This has practical implications on all aspects of lifestyle – cars, clothing, simchas, vacations, etc. The definition of kedusha, according to the Seforno, is focusing on the eternal. The more pampered and materialistic we are, the more we have distanced ourselves from that which is eternal.
2Momentum in Avodas HashemMany explain that Bnei Yisroel’s intentions in making the Golden Calf were good. If so, how did it lead to murder and forbidden relationships the very next day? Everything we do creates momentum, either positive or negative, and the greater the magnitude of the act, the greater the momentum which is created.