Hespedim & Yahrtzeit Shiurim for Rav Yosef Dov Solovetichik zt”l

Below are various hespedim and azkara shiurim given l’chvod Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik zt”l, a.k.a. “The Rav”.

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TrackTitleLength (h:mm:ss)Description
11993 Hesped for Rav zt”l1:20:18Hesped delivered by Rav Twersky in the Y.U. beis medrash after the Rav’s petirah in 1993
21995: Inyanei Tefillah, L’chvod the Rav’s Yahrzeit52:22Shiur on inyanei tefillah, given in Lamport Auditorium in 1995. Note: the sound system was poor back then – this shiur is best listened to in a quiet environment where you can listen carefully.
31997, L’chvod the Rav’s Yahrzeit1:23:03Yahrtzeit Shiur
42001, L’chvod the Rav’s Yahrzeit1:13:34Yahrtzeit Shiur
52003, L’chvod the Rav’s 10th Yahrzeit1:14:33– What does it mean when we say that the Rav was a gadol baTorah?
— An accurate understading of the derech halimud of Rav Chaim & the Rav, i.e. the Brisker Derech.
— The responsibility of a rebbe to train talmidim how to learn
— The Rav worked hard in learning
— Chochmas haTalmud was the ikar (over nistar)
– The Rav’s impact in learning (Orach Chaim) and in machshava (Philosophy of Halacha)
– The Rav’s relationship to Modern Orthodoxy / Modernity. The future of that community.
62013, L’chvod the Rav’s 20th Yahrzeit36:12
72018: The Grandeur of Torah13:38
8Bonus Track: Rav Hershel Schachter’s 1993 Hesped for the Rav zt”l1:30:52Hesped delivered by Rav Schachter in the Y.U. beis medrash after the Rav’s petirah in 1993