Thursday Nights, 5782

These shiurim are being given on Thursday nights in Y.U. for the entire yeshiva. We hope to add each week’s shiur as the year progresses.

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1Self-Absorption & Teshuva34:14Ramban describes teshuva as including saying vidui on aveiros of ancestors, as well as following through to subsequent generations. Three perspectives / understandings of this:
1) A proper teshuva is one that will carry over l’doros and lead to the geulah ha’asida
2) Any cheit involves zilzul in mitzvos, and thus teshuva involves being properly machshiv mitzvos, to the extent that the sense of chashivus carries over to subsequent generations, since a miztvah, by definition, is l’doros
3) all cheit involves self-absorption. Teshuva can be self-centered as well, focused on being concerned about my own fate. Ramban mentions past and future generations because teshuva has to erase this self-absorption.
One cause of being down is being overly focused on oneself. For example re: COVID, it’s been understood from very early on that we have to calibrate our behavior based on its impact on others, not just on me. The decision process is not “do I need this precaution”, rather “will I be a link in a chain that gets a vulnerable person sick.” The mindset of cheit is self-absorption. This is not limited to the pandemic, but we focus on it because it effectively shines a spotlight on this area. Teshuva must involve moving away from self-absorption.